Information for Residential Properties

What to Expect

For the past couple years the City of Sheboygan Water Utility has been working to upgrade its meter reading system. We have been mailing out letters to homeowners and landlords to request appointments to remove the old meter reading technology and replace it with new, more efficient meter reading technology. Starting in 2013, during normal appointments to change the water meter, our Water Utility Technicians will now also be surveying basements, utility rooms and inside/outside hose fixtures for possible cross connections.

A Corrective Measure

At no cost to you! The most common form of cross connection is a garden hose, which is easily connected to the public water supply system and can be used to apply a variety of potentially dangerous substances, including chemicals and fertilizer.

The Water Utility will be providing hose bibb vacuum breakers to correct non-compliant hose fixtures and faucets, at no cost to you. If this is the only corrective action needed to bring your home or business in compliance with the City ordinance, a follow up appointment is not required and no further action is required by you.

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If a non-compliant issue is found, you will be notified with specific corrective directions. These corrective actions will be clear to you, so you know what exactly needs to be done to keep the drinking water in your home or rental safe.

Bathrooms & Kitchens

Shower heads, toilets, bathroom and kitchen sinks are also areas of concern when protecting your drinking water supply. At the time of your survey, an educational brochure will be provided to you explaining what to look for in these areas and how to bring them into compliance.

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