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We use water every day and yet we take safe water for granted.  But it requires a dedicated staff, a complicated water treatment plant, and a lengthy water distribution system to bring safe water to every home in Sheboygan.  At less than a penny per gallon, municipal water remains a huge bargain. But it also takes ongoing planning and investment to manage and replace aging infrastructure - much of which was installed before World War II - before it causes a catastrophic failure.  Investment in public water is an investment right back into the community.

The Sheboygan Water Utility is proud to provide the City of Sheboygan with a tremendous value and to be a vital link in the community’s success.

Mission Statement 

Regulated by the WI Public Service Commission and WI Department of Natural Resources, the Sheboygan Water Utility is dedicated to providing the safest possible water to our customers at the most economical price. The Water Utility receives no tax monies but operates entirely on its water revenues.