Water Quality Testing Solicitors

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Sheboygan Water Utility customers are again reporting water quality testing solicitations from a company called C & P Clear Water. The reported solicitations have come in the form of an urgent postcard, and are now appearing at customer homes as door tags. The postcards and door tags claim it is the second attempt they are trying to contact the customer. 

Please note the Sheboygan Water Utility is not associated with this solicitation or company. The mailings and door tags have been reported in other local communities including the City of Beloit, Sun Prairie, and the City of Milwaukee. 


If you have any questions regarding water quality or a solicitation you received, please contact the Sheboygan Water Utility at 920-459-3800 and select option 2.

Sheboygan Water Utility employees drive marked vehicles and always carry a Sheboygan Water Utility issued ID badge. Mailings from the Sheboygan Water Utility will always contain the Utility logo and contact information. 

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