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Your Drinking Water: Making It Safer


Something exciting is on tap this year at the Sheboygan Water Utility!

The Utility is adding a new disinfection system to the treatment plant. Over the years, the practice of water treatment has changed and new technology has come into play. The best practice is to now have at least two disinfection barriers between the drinking water source and the end customer.

So, what are we adding after our first disinfection barrier, chlorine? Not a chemical. 

At the second and final phase of treatment, ultra violet (UV) light will pass through the water. UV light has the ability to kill micro-organisms through specialized light bulbs that are immersed in the flow of the water. Once the construction is complete, Sheboygan will have the largest drinking water UV disinfection system in the state of Wisconsin!

Want to know more? Check out the FAQ's here: Your Drinking Water: Making it Safer with UV Disinfection


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