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A $1,200 Utility Bill?


Don't want to be the customer who received a $1,200 utility bill? Get to know your toilets!

From tired, worn parts to faulty installations of new toilets, toilet leaks happen frequently. They not only waste water, but waste your money as well! The number one cause for Sheboygan Water Utility residential customers reporting a high water bill is a leaky toilet. Leaky toilets can waste more than 200 gallons of water per day.

The customer who received the $1,200 water bill had a toilet running while they were out of town. Don't let it happen to you. Stop by the Sheboygan Water Utility for FREE leak detection dye tablets to check your toilet.  

Toilet Tank
What can cause a toilet to leak?
  • The water level in the tank of the toilet may be set at the wrong level. If the level is set too high, water can easily run over the top of the overflow tube and down the drain.
  • Flappers that are worn or don’t seal properly allow water to leak right down the drain.
  • Tank levers can get hung up and cause the flapper not to return to its proper location and seal.
How do I detect a leak with Dye Tabs?  
leak tabs
1.Wait 5-10 minutes after the last flush to perform this test.
2.Remove the cover from the back of the toilet tank.
3.Gently drop one of the blue dye tabs into the toilet tank.
4.Do not flush the toilet. 
5.Wait 15-20 minutes.
6.If blue dye color appears in the toilet bowl, your toilet is leaking.
7.Flush your toilet to avoid color staining in your toilet bowl .
8.Consult a plumber or hardware supply for remedies as soon as possible.


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