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Sheboygan Water Utility Joins the City of Sheboygan on Nextdoor


The Sheboygan Water Utility has joined the City of Sheboygan in their partnership with Nextdoor.



Nextdoor is a private social network which allows residents to share and receive information in a private network. Information such as neighborhood public safety issues, community events and activities, local services, and classifieds will be shared through the network. The Water Utility will utilize Nextdoor to keep residents informed of water quality, main breaks, road closures, and events.

Residents are encouraged to join Nextdoor by visiting Nextdoor.com. Each Sheboygan neighborhood has its own private Nextdoor neighborhood website, accessible only to residents who verify that they live in the neighborhood. There are three ways to register, a post card can be requested that will be mailed with a confirmation code, Nextdoor can place a call to a landline associated with your address, or the resident can provide a credit card account number which allows for verification of a resident address and the confirmation code will be emailed to the resident.

Residents with questions regarding the Nextdoor website can visit help.nextdoor.com. General questions regarding Nextdoor can also be directed to Nancy Maring  in the City's Department of Planning and Development, (920)459-3379, nancy.maring@sheboyganwi.gov.

We look forward to seeing you in the Neighborhood!

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