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Sheboygan Frost Depth


Water service lines, the underground pipe running from the main in the road into your home, in Sheboygan are buried anywhere from 4 feet to 6 feet.

According to the National Weather Service, frost depth in Sheboygan under natural grassy areas is 31" deep. Under snow free pavement frost depth is 49".

Recently, we have received reports a couple water service lateral lines have froze in the City of Sheboygan. If your water service lateral has froze in the past, you may want to take precautionary measures. Maintaining a flow of running water helps prevent freezing inside pipes. If you choose to run water to prevent freezing, please note the following:

- Be sure the sink used for running water (ex. washtub in your laundry room) drains properly.

- Run COLD water, not hot water, for a continuous water stream.

- Run a stream of cold water that fills a gallon jug in 10 minutes.

- You will be charged for water and sewer usage. The cost for running a stream of water that fills a gallon in ten minutes is less than $0.60 per day!

- Continue running water until frost depths lift. When in doubt, keep the water running.

To monitor the frost depth and winter conditions, visit SheboyganWater.Org or follow Sheboygan Water on Facebook and Twitter.

If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service at 920-459-3800 option 2.