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Project Update


The Broadway Ave project is moving along as scheduled. To date, 18 lead water service laterals have been replaced as part of the project. Additionally, over 1,000 feet of water main have been replaced. The project is expected to wrap up by the end of summer. For more information on the project, please see below.

Project Information: 

The project is replacing the existing 100 year old water main, and help eliminate lead water service laterals. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) created a new program to aid in the replacement of private lead water service laterals in Wisconsin communities. The Sheboygan Water Utility applied for the program and will be receiving funds to benefit customers in Sheboygan for 2017. 

Lead Water Service Replacement Program Funds

A significant amount of the funds will help property owners in this project area pay for lead water service lateral replacement from the emergency shut off valve, to the water meter. The cost for replacing the portion of lead lateral from the shut off valve to the water main will be assessed to the property per Sheboygan Ordinance Sec. 122-98 (c)(4).

Boadway Proj 1.9.2017


What is a water service lateral?

The pipe that connects your indoor plumbing to the water main in the street is called a water service lateral. In the City of Sheboygan, water service laterals are owned and maintained by the property owner.

Lead and drinking water 

Lead was a common material used for water laterals in homes constructed prior to the 1950’s. The Sheboygan Water Utility has used an approved phosphate treatment additive to coat lead laterals since 1994. This reduces the possibility of lead dissolving in the water from the private lead laterals. As required by the US EPA and WDNR, the Utility routinely tests water for both lead and copper content. Water leaving the Sheboygan Water Utility plant has no levels of detectable lead.

For more information regarding lead in drinking water, the Lead Water Service Replacement program, or this project in specific, please email us at customerservice@sheboyganwater.org, or call 920-459-3839.