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Press Release Update on Conditions




UPDATED  2-14-14

Utility crews continue to work repairing broken water mains and thawing frozen water laterals.  Currently, the Utility is managing 5 known water main breaks and 10 frozen water laterals in the City of Sheboygan. 

We appreciate everyone's patience as this difficult work is undertaken.  For those customers who have experienced a frozen water lateral or received a robo call, please maintain a pencil-sized stream of water flowing until temperatures moderate.  A frozen water lateral can take 1-3 hours to thaw using an electrical welder, and we are facing a backlog.  Also, some water laterals cannot be thawed by a welder due to lack of electrical continuity.

With colder temperatures expected on Friday and Saturday night, the Utility advises customers that running a stream of water through the night time hours will help prevent a frozen water lateral, which can result in loss of water for an extended period of time.   

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