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Massive Valve Replacement at Water Utility Plant


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In 1929, the Sheboygan Water Utility began construction of its 2 million gallon underground storage tank. During construction, two massive 36” gate valves (~5,500lbs each) were installed inside the clear well. These valves would be submerged under water when construction was complete. The primary function of these valves was to isolate two supply lines leading to the high lift pumping station. In the event of a catastrophic line failure, the valves would isolate the 2 million gallon finished water storage tank and prevent the tank from draining out. Over the years, the gate valves have aged and become inoperable.


On August 18, 2014, the Utility successfully removed one of the 36” gate valves and replaced it with a brand new fully functional butterfly valve and the other 36” gate valve was brought back into service through the ingenuity the of Utility’s Construction Maintenance personnel. All of the work was completed under water, which involved divers and crane operation. The water treatment facility remained in operation throughout the project.