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Lane Closures, Water Shut Down - Calumet Drive


The Utility will be working to repair two water main valves in the area of North Avenue and Calumet Drive. To repair these valves, lane closures and water shut downs are necessary. A water shut down is planned for Thursday, September 29th from 8:30am to 3pm in the area below outlined in yellow. All affected customers have been notified. Lane closures at Main Avenue and Calumet Drive and at Calumet Drive near Dickey’s and Subway will be in place starting today and lasting through the weekend.

Additional lane closures are to be expected next week to facilitate hydrant relocations in the same area. Below is a map indicating the location of the water main valve repairs (blue circle), location of hydrants to be relocated (red star), and properties involved with Thursday’s water shut down (yellow box).