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Individuals Posing as Utility Employees


Today, we were made aware of an incident involving individuals posing as staff from the Water Utility. The individuals arrived at an elderly customer's home in the City of Sheboygan stating they needed access to the water meter. They informed the customer there was something wrong with the water meter and they were owed a refund. A neighbor intervened and the individuals left the scene. The individuals were driving a truck with Illinois license plates.

We would like to remind our customers we will always arrive at your home in a marked Sheboygan Water Utility vehicle. Appointment requests are made on Utility letterhead by mail, by telephone call, or by door tag left at the property. Utility staff will never ask for money or collect payments in person. Additionally, Utility staff will always present a City of Sheboygan issued ID card. Please do not allow someone in your home without verifying their identity.

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If you would like to verify the identity of a Utility employee, please contact us at 920-459-3800 option 2.

Please share this message with those who do not have access to the internet.