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A Follow Up to "Home Serve" Unsolicited Mailing


Sheboygan Water Utility customers have reported receiving a number of unsolicited mailings from Home Serve USA. Please be advised that Home Serve is not associated with the Sheboygan Water Utility or the City of Sheboygan.  We have compiled some information regarding Home Serve USA from the Better Business Bureau and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article from July 2013: Warnings sounded over offer of water line insurance.

Below is a portion of an article published by the Denver BBB in 2009. To read the entire article, Click here.  

Do Homeowners Need ‘Water Service Line’ Coverage?

"Like with any warranty, service plan, or insurance policy it is up to you to determine if it’s worth purchasing and how valuable it really is. The two main thoughts to consider are the odds of needing the coverage and how limiting the exclusions may be” says BBB President & CEO, Dale Mingilton.

In letters to homeowners, the company states, “you are responsible for the repair and maintenance of your water service line, from the curb or well casing up to your home’s foundation wall”. BBB research shows that this is true locally but may vary in different states.

If you receive a call or letter from this company or others like it, your BBB recommends:  

· Read the service contract very carefully and make sure you have a clear understanding of it, especially each of the exclusions before agreeing to purchase. DO NOT purchase over the phone without seeing everything in writing.  

· Go over your homeowner’s insurance policy to make sure it doesn’t already provide such coverage. Contact your insurance company and ask how this coverage would work in conjunction with your current policy. 

· Make sure the company has a reasonable cancellation policy in case you change your mind soon after signing up.  

· Check the company’s BBB Reliability Report to see if it has any unanswered, unresolved or unusual pattern of complaints.  

· Try to find out which contractors the company employs and do your own background checking on them.

Click here to be redirected to the Better Business Bureau's website for more information on Home Serve USA.



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